The Spirit of Helbling

A tangible spirit of innovation

In the film “The Spirit’s Walk”, Helbling’s fields of activity are explained in passing, while its spirit of innovation is palpable.

Our nomination for the 2017 Austrian Business Film Award

When forward thinkers and lateral thinkers work together, something excellent can emerge. In this case, an award-winning image film for the company Helbing, which already won a “Golden Victoria” at the International Wirtschaftsfilmtage in Vienna in 2016. As masterminds we had the strategic part of the film over, lateral thinkers here was the film production company Querschuss, which is responsible for the creative process and the implementation of the film. This year, the excellent film is already back in the public eye. “The Spirit’s Walk”, as it is called, was nominated together with five other films for the 2017 Austrian Business Film Award.

About the Film

The film aims to provide potential clients of the Helbling Group with a good, compact overview of the company and its fields of activity and to make the internally practiced spirit of innovation visible and tangible to outsiders. In addition, all four company locations were to be integrated into the film and the employees were to be involved as much as possible. In the film, the personified “spirit” of the company embarks on an informative and entertaining tour of the entire company. While presenting important information on the company’s history, fields of activity and project processes, he interacts not only with employees and colleagues, but also, among other things, with 3D animations integrated into the film. Throughout the tour, one thing above all is always palpable: Innovative spirit.

About Querschuss

The film production Querschuss, which specializes in image films and documentaries, has succeeded in conveying the dense information content of the film with a humorous idea. A dynamic, lively visual language and a charismatic “film hero” who embodies the spirit give the film a lifestyle character with a lot of drive.

Watch the film

Credit: Österreichisches Filmservice/APA-Fotoservice/Rastegar


Sustainnovation graphic


Spirit Design, with the support of FFG, is developing a digitally supported and integrated consulting process with its partner akaryon - the developers of the ESG Cockpit.
Wagon inclined lift Petrin 3D Rendering

We were only the second at Prague Castle Hill

Spirit Design was invited by the Municipality of Prague to submit a new design concept for the inclined lift up Pétrin next to Prague Castle.
Helbling sales brochure

Helbling – Innovating a sustainable future

Spirit Design has had the privilege of co-developing and designing a number of brochures for Helbling over the past 2 years.
Best in Mobility App

Best in Mobility – the app for smart mobility

Best in Mobility is the new brand developed by Spirit Design, under which Best in Parking (BIP) markets its sharing and charging offer.


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