The youth goes for e-mobility

To coincide with the start of school, there is a new educational film about electromobility that introduces young people to this topic in a relaxed way, highlighting the advantages. On Thursday, September 7, 2017, the film was presented as part of the annual fact check (topic: electromobility) of the Climate and Energy Fund.

The youth of today are shaping the mobility of tomorrow.

That’s why we want to bring the world of electromobility closer to the young target group in the form of a dynamic educational film. Our new youth info film: “move – Electricity Moves” shows that this film format can be cool and exciting and is made with a lot of drive. The 30-minute documentary aims to sensitize students to renewable energies and future forms of mobility, and to dispel myths and ambiguities about eMobility. The young people themselves also have their say, are interviewed and test new electric vehicle types. The film will be available free of charge for use in schools and companies as well as in municipalities and NGOs.

Soon the film will be available from the media server of the Ministry of Education and can be used as teaching material. In addition, the film is available as a free download on the BieM website and on the YouTube channel of the Climate and Energy Fund:

The educational project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund and implemented as part of the program “Model Region Electromobility 2015”, the overall responsibility was the Federal Initiative Electromobility Austria (BieM). The design company Spirit Design was responsible for the concept and design and realized the film with the entire team in 14 months of project work.


Sustainnovation graphic


Spirit Design, with the support of FFG, is developing a digitally supported and integrated consulting process with its partner akaryon - the developers of the ESG Cockpit.
Wagon inclined lift Petrin 3D Rendering

We were only the second at Prague Castle Hill

Spirit Design was invited by the Municipality of Prague to submit a new design concept for the inclined lift up Pétrin next to Prague Castle.
Helbling sales brochure

Helbling – Innovating a sustainable future

Spirit Design has had the privilege of co-developing and designing a number of brochures for Helbling over the past 2 years.
Best in Mobility App

Best in Mobility – the app for smart mobility

Best in Mobility is the new brand developed by Spirit Design, under which Best in Parking (BIP) markets its sharing and charging offer.


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