SME Award from the world market leader brings spirit design to ORF

At the world market leader congress, Spirit Design was one of 40 selected SMEs in the final selection of the 4 nominated SMEs to pitch for the award for the best SME. The prize was created by Wirtschaftsverlag, the KMU platform and the Austrian Wirtschaftsverlag to invite not only the well-known world market leaders, but also the smaller SMEs to appear in front of the curtain. In Austria, SMEs generate almost 99.7% of Austria’s economic output. In the run-up to the award ceremony, the ORF filmed a contribution for the magazine Eco in our office.

We are very happy about the honor of being selected among the top 4 and see this as confirmation of our work and our positioning. We look forward to continuing to support the Austrian world market leaders and hidden champions in their international market success.

Georg Wagner
Georg Wagner
Eco SME World Market Leader ORF shooting
Eco SME Weltmarktführer ORF shooting
Eco SME Weltmarktführer ORF shooting


Sustainnovation graphic


Spirit Design, with the support of FFG, is developing a digitally supported and integrated consulting process with its partner akaryon - the developers of the ESG Cockpit.
Wagon inclined lift Petrin 3D Rendering

We were only the second at Prague Castle Hill

Spirit Design was invited by the Municipality of Prague to submit a new design concept for the inclined lift up Pétrin next to Prague Castle.
Helbling sales brochure

Helbling – Innovating a sustainable future

Spirit Design has had the privilege of co-developing and designing a number of brochures for Helbling over the past 2 years.
Best in Mobility App

Best in Mobility – the app for smart mobility

Best in Mobility is the new brand developed by Spirit Design, under which Best in Parking (BIP) markets its sharing and charging offer.


Spiritdesign Auszeichnungen
Spiritdesign Auszeichnungen


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