Söhne & Partner

Communication Design for Architects

Söhne & Partner is a young and aspiring architecture firm with offices in Vienna and Lienz. In addition to contracts in Austria, the company has already gained success in Dubai. Spirit Design developed a marketing concept for Söhne & Partner as well as an internationalisation strategy.

Instruments for International Expansion

Clear Analysis – Creative Communication

After an analysis of the current market situation, including a study of competitors and target markets, Spirit Design defined a market positioning and brand essence. Based on this, Spirit Design created a slogan that clearly emphasises the strengths of the firm: ‘Architecture in Dialogue’.

Söhne & Partner Claim
Söhne & Partner Website

The communication tools, image folder and website which Spirit Design developed, have provided the ideal image of the architecture brand Söhne & Partner in relation to customers and target groups. For the further development of its international business, Spirit Design is developing a strategy to establish Söhne & Partners in the Arab world.


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