Perfect skiing experience with minimum weight

The HEAD NV Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of brand name sports equipment and apparel. The company business is organized into five divisions: Winter Sports, Racquet Sports, Diving, Sportswear and Licensing. Its products are sold under the HEAD, Penn, Tyrolia and Mares brands.

The company´s key products have attained leading market positions. In addition, they have gained high visibility through their use by many of today´s top athletes.

Spirit Design provided HEAD with strategic consulting in the development of their women’s ski collection for the season 2014/15 and was responsible for their integrated design. Moreover, we also designed the current HEAD collection Race and Performance 2014/15 (Worldcup Rebels and Supershape).

Women’s collection 2014/15

Pure skiing fun by HEAD

Against the backdrop of the overall brand strategy, we enhanced the position of the women’s ski collection and deduced the corresponding innovation strategy. In close cooperation with HEAD – such as in joint strategy workshops – we innovatively interpreted the brand design for the women’s ski collection and conceived the brand story. In a next step, this story was systematically integrated into the design process and resulted in the development of target-group specific designs. It was our goal to create a consistent HEAD brand experience both for women and the strong positioning of the women’s segment in the market. On the whole, we developed two different design ranges for the collection – 6 different models and ideas for innovative materials and surfaces as well as product brandings – in 2D and 3D. While their presentation was based on photo-realistic renderings, their shape was designed in 3D. The concept of selected designs was then translated to shoes, boards, bindings and poles, and ultimately the development of ski packaging. All these designs paved the way for the most successful market launch of the season 2014/2015.

HEAD Ski Lech am Arlberg friends
Head woman collection

Super, Big, Total, Absolute, Great and Pure Joy – unique superlite architecture

The high-performance and superlite collection Joy was specially designed for women and guarantees ultimate carving fun for both athletic and more casual skiers. Highest levels of lightness, balance and control turn any ski slope into the perfect setting for nothing but fun and joy. Experience the complex technology in reduced yet dynamic design with calm lines, expressive forms and an exciting interplay of contrasts.

The clear look focuses on a minimalistic approach, details, a graphic design language and dynamically rounded edges. The ski tips with holes not only reduce weight but also add extra zip and momentum. This straight design clearly underlines the brand and rigorously brings HEAD to action.

Such clarity of design captures the defining spirit and character of HEAD by optically emphasizing Howard Head’s fundamental idea of sandwich construction and superlight weight. The same applies to the centerpiece of the innovative technology GrapheneTM: it ensures perfect weight distribution and ultimate mobility. Flat surfaces, tight corners and reduced contrasts skillfully move GrapheneTM into the limelight. The entire branding is much clearer and straight-forward. Its crystal-clear logo, honeycomb structure and integrated “windows” transfer the essence of the brand to its product design.

Style and Comfort – for athletic performance and pure joy

The ski is extremely easy to handle and conveys the unencumbered fun and joy of skiing. In contrast to other providers, the HEAD ski for women is deliberately less feminine in design. It goes without playful forms and prefers to focus on a clear look that continues the consistent logic of the comprehensive design line. The new direction of the women’s collection becomes also apparent in its new name “Joy”.

The features of the new HEAD women’s ski ensure an unprecedented skiing experience. Its superlite GrapheneTM technology offer a head start and clear advantage in performance that combines perfect handling with a minimum of weight.

Similarly, all colors, surfaces, textures and refinements were developed with a maximum of care and commitment.

HEAD Ski Lech am Arlberg

Race and Performance – Collection 2014/15

HEAD Ski side view

Worldcup Rebels and Supershape

Spirit Design also accompanied HEAD in the development of the new men’s collection 2014/15. Based on the existing innovation and marketing strategy, we created target-group specific designs for the racing and performance segment.

After the HEAD briefing, we conducted detailed market and trend analyses. Their results helped us to define design characteristics and influenced the conception of two different proposals for each of the product lines Race and Performance. We designed and refined all design elements: logo, illustration, image, symbols, and colors. This approach laid the foundation for a consistent HEAD brand experience of the men’s collection as well as a strong position on the market.

Always in pole position: fun & adrenaline

Its holistic and brand-characteristic design is responsible for the emotional positioning of the men’s ski: it is a step away from a purely technology and performance-oriented brand towards such fresh values as spontaneity, coolness, style and courage.

The new HEAD KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) technology is an integrated, fully automatic and electronic system. It is based on Formula-1 technology and places HEAD skiers in pole position. Just like a turbo charger, it specifically reinforces the ski’s rear and catapults the skier into the next turn. The top-of-the-line product’s successful interplay of perfected technology and refined design guarantees ultimate skiing fun.

In a further step, this is communicated through pure design and the clear system of consistent brand codes in different colors and structured textures. The ski is identified with top athletes like Bode Miller, Ted Ligety and Lindsey Vonn, which perfectly complements and additionally enhances this message.

Worldcup Rebels: pushing it to the limit

The elegant racing ski presents a clear and distinctive central stripe. Its bold reduction to the graphic logo focuses on the basics. Long curves and sharp edges ensure top speeds right from the start. The Worldcup-tested ski truly goes full throttle and turns athletic skiers into rebels ready to race.

HEAD Ski Lech am Arlberg

Supershape: Von Anfang an auf Perfektion getrimmt

Designed for the race-carve segment with its signature race-oriented side cut, Supershape is the ideal ski for athletic all-rounders. Its home territory is not only on but also off the slopes. It is a fast yet always manageable speed machine for all those who love to ski all day long. The ERA 3.0 S technology turns the Supershape product line into a multifunctional ski that will certainly captivate skiers of various levels.

Head Worldcup Rebel iSL


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