Innovative Farm Worker

The Austrian manufacturer of agricultural and municipal vehicles, Reform, is at once a tradition-driven company, as well as a driver of innovation. Its multi-functional farming vehicle called Muli has been among the fleet on many farms and rural communities across the Alps for years.

Muli T10 X

New to the Family

Spirit Design was commissioned to design the new top model Muli T10 X. This driving multi-talent represents a generational change, both technically and visually, yet remains recognisable as part of the product family through consistency in design. In addition to the external appearance, the ergonomics, workplace design and visibility were improved thanks to, for example, large frontal and rear windows as well as ergonomic displays and controls.

One can tell with the new Muli T10 X at the outset that it is a technically and functionally innovative vehicle. The design instantly conveys an impression of innovation and reliability. 

Reform Muli T10 exterior

Design Strategy

Design has a Strategic Function

The specific stylistic features immediately evoke the right impression in viewers and potential customers. This was also the first time in Reform’s company history that a vehicle was presented to the public prior to the completion of the prototype – thanks to Spirit Design’s realistic 3D renderings.

In other words, design bears an important communicative function: it conveys the rational benefits of the vehicle at an emotional level – and it does so successfully: The presentation of the vehicle at the SuissePublic exhibition in Switzerland has already garnered interest in Reform from potential customers.

Reform Muli T10 X 3D rendering
Reform Muli T10 X winter

The positive reactions to the 3D renderings have shown that strategic design is also an essential success factor concerning customers from the trade, which can contribute significantly to sales increases. Furthermore, the design of the new Muli T10X will also shape the look of future generations of Reform’s fleet.

Reform Muli T10 X 3D rendering

Moving Image

Image film supporting sales

Spirit Design created a new image film for the presentation of the first Muli T10 X emerging from Reform’s plants. The film uses 3D visualizations to showcase the product’s advantages. It also reveals, for the first time, the vehicle’s exterior. Spirit Design’s facilitation of the project started with the conception and extended to the development of the 3D animations and the shooting of the film with Querschuss Film.

The new image film is an ideal vehicle for the communication serving the fostering of sales. The film conveys the technical and functional innovations contained in the Muli T10 X. It also shows the further developments featured in the entire range of cutting edge Muli models. The image film’s depiction of the modular structure of the Muli T10 X enables its use in highly flexibly and target group-efficacious ways. The film is accordingly being used by Reform to present at events the new product to representatives of the world’s media and to multipliers in the international agribusiness sector. Venues for such are also trade fairs and workshops. The film has met with an enthusiastic response.

So wird er von Reform im Rahmen weltweiter Marktpräsentationen vor Medienvertretern und Multiplikatoren der Agrarindustrie aber auch auf Messen und in Workshops genutzt – durchwegs mit überaus positiver Resonanz.

Design creates value

The positive responses to the 3D renderings and, subsequently, also to the presentation of the vehicle eloquently show that strategic design represents an indispensable factor of success vis-à-vis trade customers. The design of the new Muli T10X constitutes an important milestone in Reform’s achievement of future-viability.


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