Radiology Center

Grasping the essentials

The Wiener Privatklinik Radiology Center can look back on a long tradition. For more than 110 years, it has been combining radiological technology usually only available at renowned hospitals with the benefits of an excellent doctor’s office: comprehensive doctor-patient consultations, continuous quality control, and short waiting times. As one of the most innovative non-university diagnostic centers in Central Europe, the Radiology Center offers cutting-edge multimodal imaging and extraordinary services under one roof.

In the course of the Radiology Center’s recent relocation, Spirit Design accompanied its operators in their efforts to optimize their customer-oriented portfolio as well as communication in terms of a professional brand presentation – their goal was to make their competent image optimally recognizable and accessible to customers, and increase customer relations and loyalty.

Design of Vision

Visualizing the internal structure

Today’s Radiology Center stands for innovation steeped in tradition: it was Vienna’s first doctor’s office to introduce ultrasound diagnostics and among the first to offer computed tomography outside university hospitals.

In the context of our “Design of Vision” consulting process, we analyzed both the company and its value chain, studied the competition, observed trends, and examined the different services and their touchpoints through mystery shopping. This step allowed us to streamline the Radiology Center’s position, identify potential for growth, and lay the ideal foundation for a new brand presentation.

The new brand name “Radiology Center” was chosen to be descriptive, short and internationally understandable. Furthermore, the name’s addition “personal imaging” communicates innovative imaging combined with personal service.

Radiology Center Business Cards
Radiology Center Architecture

State-of-the-art imaging center with a holistic approach

Located in the entrance area of a medical center and renowned private hospital, the Radiology Center is an innovative one-stop-shop for doctors and customers that provides all radiological and nuclear medicine opportunities there are for both outpatient and inpatient treatment. The service portfolio has been expanded to meet the latest medical standards and include cutting-edge imaging combinations by means of nuclear medicine hybrid systems.

The Radiology Center’s medical team devotes a lot of time to personal and professional doctor-patient consultation as well as diagnostics. If necessary, they review the results with both the referring specialists and patients. Their individual and competent care in all stages of life takes center stage – thus creating a long-term customer relationship.

Im Zentrum steht deren individuelle und kompetente Betreuung in allen Lebensphasen – die Schaffung einer langfristigen Kundenbeziehung.

The strengths and weaknesses of such a service quality have been meticulously analyzed: the Radiology Center pays special attention to minimal waiting times, personal service, and medical presence. Moreover, active cooperation with referring partners and scientific exchange provide the customers with a special added value.

International and not sufficiently mobile patients will enjoy special services: a shuttle service in hybrid or electric vehicles, accommodation arrangements, and further services are planned. All these services both accompany and reassure the patients: they offer optimal medical insights, reduce insecurity, and provide clarity.

Radiology Center MRT

Brand Design

Radiology Center Key Visual

The human way of communicating

This innovation and brand strategy is realized through a new brand design and creates the framework conditions for an optimal customer experience in all touchpoints. The brand design applies a special range of colors, images and linguistic styles to communicate a slower pace and reassurance. A warm shade of bronze has been chosen as the primary color that ideally stands out against the competition. The perfect, symmetrically arranged clematis blossom reflects the Radiology Center’s holistic approach. Both the medical center and the vine are always oriented towards the top: its image quality and conclusive results compete only with the best – with the experts of the Medical University.

The brand design also clearly distinguishes between radiology, nuclear medicine, MRI and PET/CT. Each of these fields has its own color and key visual based on the treatment method. The chalk layers of a snail shell, for example, are similar to the human skeleton.

These X-ray images – some made using the Radiology Center’s equipment – in detailed negative display on colored backgrounds highlight the imaging competences.

Radiology Center Key Visual

Brand Communication

Each image as part of the bigger picture

The brand presentation’s comprehensive design and implementation emphasizes the innovative character of the Radiology Center. The high quality of brand communication allows professionalism to enter the limelight and conveys service quality with each brand application. Brochures explaining the service portfolio as well as the Radiology Center’s web presence visualize the medical team and its competences.

The same clarity the Radiology Center’s “personal imaging” establishes – both in terms of an illness and as a medical checkup – is also an element of communication.

Target-group-specific communication inspires confidence in themedical team’s competence as well as the applied methods and devices. Optimal care is also apparent in the Radiology Center’s human way of communicating: the patients feel safe and reassured thanks to sufficient information and clear explanations.

The Radiology Center makes X-ray images immediately digitally available in excellent quality. The customers receive premium files with precise information in form of conclusive results and reliable diagnoses. In consequence, the Radiology Center also meets the high aesthetic expectations of private patients.

Radiology Center Office
Radiology Center DVD

Digital Brand Experience

To Create Clarity

When conceptualising the website the focus was on User-Centered Design and Anticipatory Design (the principle of anticipating which topics and elements might interest the user next).  The goal was to guide the user as well as to answer his questions by structuring the in some cases complex information about medical examinations.

All medical services can be found by searching not only for the technology (“Can I get a mammogram at the Radiology Center?”) but now also for the body region (“I have chest pain, what can I do?”). Comprehensive information on the procedure itself and the appropriate preparations for the medical services are provided to ensure the greatest possible clarity even beforehand and to simplify the process for the patients.

Radiology Center Portfolio
Radiology Center Care Center

The Care Centers, which have selected examinations on specific areas of the body bundled, can also be accessed directly from the homepage.

The FAQs, which appear in various places on the website, are the optimal entry point for many users and are cross-linked to other content. They should not only improve the user experience but also help search engines to find the website for users.

The brand design of the Radiology Center has been translated stringently for the online presence, the clear design guides the visitors. The established colour-coding system, which can also be found in the interior design such as the waiting areas of the Radiology Center, was incorporated and runs like a golden thread through the website. The technological services are coded in the defined colours and with key visuals. For the Care Centers, the same images used in advertisements can be found on the website.

The Anticipatory Design not only addresses different questions the user might have, but the website also adapts to the visitors’ technical requirements. Therefore, no matter which device is used to access the website, no content or functionality is lost.

Radiology Center Website

Brand Architecture

Seeing what is happening

The application of brand design to architecture encompasses all senses and creates a comfortable ambiance. The innovative and personal presentation provides the basis for an optimal customer experience. The integrated brand presence in the Radiology Center’s interiors and guidance system additionally strengthens its reputation.

In a nutshell, the consistent presentation contributes to customer orientation and promotes brand recognition. Moreover, its systematic implementation visualizes the Radiology Center’s competence. The detailed key visuals on the walls enable the customers to experience technical precision. The entire range of imaging techniques conveys nothing but safety and clarity. This is also ideally reflected in the building’s signage and guidance system.

While the walls of the waiting areas are designed in a warm shade of brown, each of the doors to the various examination areas is in the same color as the provided medical service. At the front desk, patients receive information sheets directing them to the waiting areas. These information sheets are also in color and add the final touch to the brand architecture.

Radiology Center Entrance


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