Nora Pure Sports

Sporty Approach

Founded in 1946 under the name Sport Nora, Nora Pure Sports is as traditional as it is a modern family business. It sets itself apart from the competition by a clear positioning in the high-quality brand segment of sports such as cycling, skiing, tennis, golf, fitness and running.
Together with the managing director Harald Sauer, Spirit Design developed a clear strategy for the brand positioning and successfully implemented it, as the company’s performance over recent years impressively confirms.

Strategische Markenentwicklung

Clear Positioning, Distinct Strategy

As part of the move to a new location, the owner, Mr. Sauer, presented the idea to look for a partner for strategic brand development, seeking to ensure his business would be fit for the future. Jointly with the management, Spirit Design developed

the key success factors, tailored to the newly defined target groups: sports enthusiasts and fashion-conscious outdoor athletes, who seek the high quality and functionality that they do not necessarily get from major sports chains. At the brand essence, the team concept was expressly anchored, because sports are more fun collectively but also to foster a loyal customer base.

Brand Design

Concentrating on the Essentials

The essential feature of the new brand identity is the purity of sport. To appear as an international brand, there also emerged a tendency towards the English language. Considering these factors, Spirit Design introduced ‘Nora Pure Sports’ as the new brand name. In order to creatively convey the purity of sports, Spirit Design reduced the colour scheme to white, red and silver. The same line of thought was followed in the choice of the logo’s font. Spirit Design developed a new font, ‘pure’, as a light, modern lettering that appeals to the emotions. Inspired by other well-known sports brands, Spirit Design developed a trademark that functions as an auxiliary to the logo but which can also be used on its own. This n-symbol, rotated by 7.5°, is also put to use in the brand’s own sports collections, for example on zippers. Regarding imagery, great emphasis was also placed on the experience of pure sports within the group. This was conveyed through designs of two to five athletes in stunning landscapes and exceptional situations.

A Well-Styled Location

In order to create the ideal environment for the high-quality brands sold at Nora Pure Sports, aspecial attention was paid to the branding of the salesroom. From the exterior storefront and the design in the store, to the staff’s clothing and the carry-bags, Spirit Design accompanied everything from the concept and design phases through to prototyping and production.


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