Traditionally innovative

Seated in Wels, Upper Austria, COLOP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of modern stamps. Innovative product development has enabled COLOP to hold an impressive amount of patents in the century-old product category of stamps.

Founded in 1980, COLOP and its associated companies have over 400 employees worldwide and regularly supply 120 export markets at an export rate of more than 98 %.

In 2009 and 2011, Spirit Design consulted the company in matters of innovation management. We developed the COLOP Printer design and worked on its market launch. Moreover, Spirit Design is also responsible for the company’s brand and communication strategy, presentation material, and product film.

The New COLOP Printer

As exceptional as its owner

The latest generation of COLOP Printers features a completely new framework concept. The dimensions of the extraordinary text window are unparalleled in the world of stamps and turn the usually already wide text window into a generous X-Large image window.

The new space is easily designed and personalized by using simple paper cards. Each printer becomes one of a kind: the manufacturer, stamp maker and customers alike are able to use this “display” and realize their design and branding wishes for the COLOP Printer. The online ImageCard™ Designer is the flexible and uncomplicated tool of choice.

Compact durability

A horizontal band does not only bear the manufacturer’s information but also reinforces the pivot points of the internal stamping plate, which significantly improves the stability of the COLOP Printer. The Printer’s transparent yet stable base with perfectly integrated anti-slip points makes it so much easier to stamp: it guarantees optimal print positioning.

The basic form also defines its internal guiding concept without using any additional components. A precise sliding mechanism allows for a smooth printing motion in any kind of print position. The COLOP Printer lies comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomically designed anti-slip handle. An adhesive strip positioned on the stamping plate is equipped with a grid for optimal text plate mounting.

Transparent elegance

The COLOP Printer’s compact design is based on the idea of reduction. Its smooth and mostly flat surfaces convey a premium look and timeless elegance. The generous image window makes it possible to realize trend colors or individual design wishes as easily and flexibly as possible.

The compact design of the COLOP Printer reduced its overall size by ten percent compared to earlier product generations. As its packaging size is smaller, both storage and transport are easier on the environment and save resources.

Brand and Communication Strategy

Innovative together – simply personal

We consulted our customer in the development of a corporate brand strategy and its appropriate product-level implementation: Spirit Design designed the essence of the brand as well as its ideal core messages geared to target groups by meticulously observing the competition, analyzing customer needs at all touchpoints, and conducting expert interviews.

The new brand elements we have developed use the idea of reducing everything to the essential to create a captivating presentation: the colors red and white take center stage. In addition, we defined a friendly graphic style: it portrays authentic people in warm light and their natural surroundings.

Market Launch COLOP Printer

Convincing impression – perfect imprint

In the course of launching the new COLOP Printer, we streamlined the product-level brand strategy, developed a communication strategy, and accompanied the roll-out. Moreover, we revised both core messages and product promise geared to the various target groups: distribution partners, stamp makers, global players as well as commercial and private users are individually addressed.

For everyone yet individual

The communication strategy was implemented focusing on the joy of using the Printer as well as people with individual emotions and experiences. Spirit Design conceptualized all presentation material including a special presentation box, product brochures, and various application examples.

The presentation box literally elevates the new Printer. Its elaborate design and innovative folding technique perfectly stage the premium product.

Our eye-catching campaign realizes the idea of the COLOP Printer’s individualization and personalization via image cards. The different advertisements take up situations from the individual areas of life of the various target groups.

Product and Image Film

Targeted Brand Experience

The product film graphically explains the functionality of the COLOP Printer. We developed both its look and concept before accompanying our partner Cliptease in the film’s realization.

In line with the advertising campaign, the image film takes up the idea of personalization. Made by Anoba Filmproduktion, we developed its Look & Feel as well as concept of portraying various customers in their work environment at international locations.


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