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The umbrella brand “Austrian Logistics” was developed to highlight the excellent performance of Austrian logistics; it promotes a holistic understanding of the discipline of logistics with its networking contribution to the economy. The initiative was founded by the BMVIT, the Federation of Austrian Industry, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, the Central Association for Forwarding & Logistics, the association Netzwerk Logistik and the Bundesvereinigung Logistik Österreich as part of the logistics initiative.
Spirit Design has developed the brand and implemented numerous brand applications.

Brand Design

A Strong Brand for Excellent Performances

Austria, situated in the heart of Europe, is the crossroads of several important transcontinental traffic routes. Stable economic and political conditions, safety, reliable transport systems and first-class infrastructure form the basis for excellence in logistics. Groundbreaking, networked, high-quality, Austrian – all this transports the umbrella brand developed by Spirit Design very well.

The slogan also has a wow-effect and emphasizes the excellent performance of those involved: Logistics is one of the drivers of a functioning economy, an essential prerequisite for progress, growth and prosperity. Each and every one benefits from logistics. The slogan says confidently: We stand out. Worldwide!

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