Future Focus: The Smart City

Solutions for sustainably livable cities

In the year 2050 about 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. They will occupy 2% of the Earth’s space but generate an estimated 85% of global GDP. In doing so, they are expected to consume 75% of the energy used by people and will be responsible for 80% of greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, the future-oriented design of growing metropolitan area is one of the biggest challenges of the present day and age. That is why we are bundling our competencies in the fields of mobility, energy, ICT etc. and are working on sustainable solutions for cities.

For many years studies carried out by Mercer and Boyd Cohen have confirmed that our hometown of Vienna is one of the most livable and smartest flagship cities in the world.  We have participated in various projects in this regard. And we would like to share this know-how with the rest of the world.

On the one hand, the term “smart city“ describes cities which take advantage of innovation and technology to efficiently deploy resources and energy and reduce their ecological footprint. On the other hand, a smart city is also one in which urban planning responds to the needs and wishes of its inhabitants and offer services designed to improve their quality of life. In contrast to the technocratic individual projects of the past which were usually initiated on a top-down basis, integrated planning and a systemic approach comprise the foundation for the success of the smart city. This means a holistic approach whose added value lies in its taking account to interfaces, involving the inhabitants and the integration of projects in the city as a unified system.

As experts in the interdisciplinary material of smart cities, we are contributing our longstanding experience in our focus sectors, namely mobility, ICT, energy and industry. Design methods are optimally suited to facilitate processes and integrate various disciplines. Together with prominent partners, we develop innovative products and services for a sustainably livable future in the long-term – for us and for all city inhabitants.

Urban cable cars The future of mobility in megacities
The future of mobility in megacities
Safe City Hybrid Alternative drive in an innovative vehicle
Alternative drive in an innovative vehicle
The eVienne project – a good move Electricity-powered light-gauge vehicle
Electricity-powered light-gauge vehicle
CAT City Airport Train Integrated Design
Integrated Design
ÖBB Integrated Design
Integrated Design
Siemens Railways
Skidata Automatic Success
Automatic Success
Wiener Netze Smart metering web portal and app
Smart metering web portal and app
Austrian Climate and Energy Fund Usability Design E-Mobility
Usability Design E-Mobility
ÖBB Infra The Power of Clear Energy
The Power of Clear Energy