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Spirit Design

Spirit Design is an internationally leading strategic design company. Headquartered in Vienna, we have also operated a subsidiary in Brazil since 2013. This success was made possible because we have always stayed true to our vision in our more than 20-year history.

Our team of consultants and designers helps clients from selected target sectors to become fit for the future. We accompany them in the development and implementation of the key strategies of innovation and branding, enabling them to sustainably master future challenges. We create visions and turn them into reality in cooperation with our customers. The inherent power of these visions is unfolded as intelligent products or services and innovative business models experienced in emotional brand worlds.

The integrative approach encompassing strategic consulting and design not only benefits our customers. We continuously measure the impact of our work by evaluating whether it makes a meaningful and valuable contribution for consumers, society and the environment.





WIFI Management Forum Using Design Thinking to elaborate the innovation strategy 2017
Boku Tulln Lecture and Workshop on Innovation theory and innnovation management 2017
RioNegocios Smart City Branding 2016
Nosso Jogo Smart City Approach of Rio de Janeiro, Sustainable City Development 2016
Intercomp Veranstaltung Designdriven innovation 2016
Risk Consult After Work Session on the subject: Innovation and Integrated Design 2016
Agro Innovation Lab Integrated Design 2016
Vienna Design Week The design process of the "cityjet". In cooperation with the ÖBB (Austrian Railways). 2016
Vienna Design Week The design process of the "Panther". In cooperation with Rosenbauer 2016
WIFI Management Forum Using Design Thinking to elaborate the innovation strategy 2016
Wirtschaftsagentur Wien - Frugal Innovation Tropicalization and System Design 2016
Metropole Magazin - Veranstaltung Outsmarting the city 2016
Casinos Austria Innovation Breakfast Bad Design vs Good Design - What does the term "design" really mean? 2016
Acstyria Business Lounge Industry 4.0 – Smart Production - Turn values into an experience through design 2016
Green Tech Cluster Green Tech Innovators Club: Atmove Biogas Innovations 2015
World Collaborative Mobility Congress - WOCOMOCO Mobility & Living 2015
CorporAid Biogas for Mobility Applicatons - System Innovation in Emerging Markets 2015
Network Meeting of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Frugal Innovation - Reduce to the max 2015
Dresden University of Technology Railway Vehicles - Design in the 21st Century 2015
UNIDO Biogas Day Biogas for mobility applications in rural areas 2015
B2B Brand Forum Make Values Come Alive via Design 2015
WIFI Management Forum From Trends to Innovation Strategy 2015
PFI Forum Innovation Frugal Innovation with Design Thinking 2015
Vienna University of Applied Arts / Industrial Design Strategic Design: A Case in Point - CH4PA 2015
ICEP Institut zur Cooperation bei Entwicklungs-Projekten corporAID - Practical Implementation of Global Responsibility 2014
WIFI Management Forum From Trends to Innovation Strategy 2014
IMC Hochschule Krems Public Management for Innovative and Competitive Cities: "Visions for Smart Cities" 2014
TEDx Graz A complete system innovation on the basis of waste materials 2014
Nosso Jogo - Initiative for Global Fair Play Round-Table "Economic Opportunities and Social Responsibility of Investments" 2014
Austrian Innovation Forum Mobility and Housing - Design of User-Centered and Location-Based Mobility Services 2014
Austria Connect Barcelona Innovate Through Sustainable Design 2014
InnoTrans – Internationales Design Forum Keynote: Innovative Konzepte and Solutions for Designing Mobility 2014
Workshop Vienna Design Week Future Urban Mobility LAB (Eindhoven University of Technology) 2014
Mingo Academy, Vienna Business Agency "From idea to prototype" 2014
Danube University Krems "Usability, participatory design: user-oriented e-mobility through consistent usability design" 2014
11th Austrian Consultants' Days Design of Vision - future business innovations 2013
Mingo Academy, Vienna Business Agency Innovation workshop "Design Thinking" for young entrepreneurs 2013
Innovationspool "Design und Innovation", PFI Next Generation - a catchword or real innovation? 2013
Railway & Mass Transit Interiors Expo Designing mobility systems & innovating in train design 2013
Austrian Innovation Forum Future Urban Mobility - eVienne: Development of a sustainable mobility system 2013
Vienna Design Week Workshop: Future Urban Mobility LAB 2013
XXIV ISPIM Conference, Helsinki Sustainable innovation for developing countries 2013
The Future of AirRail: PARTNERSHIPS 2013 The perfect link - Designing mobility systems 2013
2nd Innsbruck IP Forum: Design Law The dimensions of design: from innovation to the brand - difficulties in the marketing of intellectual property rights 2013
8th International Energy Industry Conference Biogas and mobility in rural areas, with a focus on rapidly and other developing countries 2013
A3PS Mobility 3.0 for a smaller footprint 2012
SchumBeta Business Design - the creation of future-viable systems of products and services 2012
WKNÖ (Lower Austrian Economic Chamber) / TIP Design thinking - Exploiting design as an instrument for innovation development 2012
Vienna Design Week Future Urban Mobility 2012
Regio Move Design Driven Innovation in Public Transport 2012
WU Werbewissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Thinking the Future: Development of Sustainable Visions for Innovation and Brands 2012
MCPC San Francisco Smart Mobility and Integrated Design 2011
A3PS Eco Mobil Forum Alpbach - Design für die neuen Alten 2011
Franchise Messe The Importance of the Brand in Future-Oriented Businesses 2011
Show me how it works - Forum Mozartplatz WESTbahn 2011
AEC Mobility Requirements 2010
Expo Shanghai Innovation & Brands for the Chinese Market 2010
WKO Fashion and leisure time: Brand re-launch Nora Pure Sports 2009
Innovationpool Fronius The Strategic Role of Design in the Innovation Process 2009
Wirtschaftsforum der Führungskräfte IV It's Not Innovative Unless it Sells 2009
WU Werbewissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Strategic Design in the Innovation Process 2008
Designtagung - Netzwerk Design und Medien Design Success = Innovation and Brands 2007
Face 2 Face CAT - City Airport Train, Product and Brand Development for Rapid Transit 2007
BA-CA Innovation - Branding - Investing 2006
WKO WKO: Creative Industry, indstry and export 2006
BMVIT Geatech: Encouraging the cooperation between industry and creative industry 2006
Comsult Vision in Packaging 2006
Exporttag Design as Export Catalyst 2006
Design Austria - Designforum Forum Design 2006