Europäische Forschung für die Stadtfahrzeuge der Zukunft

At the end of the three-year research project, 2 real demonstrators of an electric motorcycle (L3e) and a plug-in hybrid tricycle (L5e) and a virtual prototype of a four-wheeled vehicle (L6e) were presented.

EU-LIVE – “Efficient Urban Light Vehical” was a European R&D project (Horizon2020) with the participation of Spirit Design with a total budget of 6.7 million euros, which brought together the know-how of 12 renowned partners, including Virtual Vehicle Research Center, Groupe PSA, Peugeot Scooters, Continental Automotive GmbH, Frauenhofer-Gesellschaft and Samsung SDI. The focus of EU-LIVE was on the development of common parts (including drive train, components, battery) in order to show that the scooter and automotive industry can offer the end consumer efficient and cost-effective light vehicles in the future. Spirit Design created a uniform project branding right at the start of the project. Not only externally to the different steakholders, but above all communication within the project partners was made easy with the uniform project branding. (

Together with the fka (forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen), Spirit Design also laid the basis for product development. Several focus groups were conducted in 3 European countries. Functions were derived from the results and flowed into further product development. After an open design contest, the winning concept “Cityflex” was further developed into a virtual prototype by Robert Hahn from Spirit Design and fka. A feasibility study made it clear that the integration of a modular drive train could be a solution to cost-effective and efficient L-category vehicles. The real prototypes L3e and L5e were presented to the public for the first time in Vienna at the TRA. Spirit Design is very proud to have been part of this pioneering project.


Sustainnovation Event

Sustainnovation Event am 6. Oktober!

Spirit Design und akaryon laden herzlich zu der Abschlussveranstaltung des Projektes Sustainnovation ein.
Sustainnovation Grafik


Spirit Design entwickelt mit Unterstützung der FFG mit dem Partner akaryon – den Entwicklern des ESG Cockpit – einen digital unterstützten und integrierten Beratungsprozess.
Wagon Schräglift Petrin 3D Rendering

Wir waren nur die zweiten am Prager Burgberg

Spirit Design wurde im Rahmen einer Ausschreibung von der Stadtverwaltung Prag eingeladen, ein neues Designkonzept für den Schräglift auf den Pétrin neben der Prager Burg einzureichen. 
Helbling Verkaufsbroschüre

Helbling – Innovating a sustainable future

Spirit Design durfte in den letzten 2 Jahren eine Reihe von Broschüren für Helbling mitentwicklen und designen.

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