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The OX Project

Downsized to the Bare Essentials

An ox instead of oxen. This is the motto of our concept study in 2008 for an innovatie transport and labor vehicle for small farmers in emerging and developing countries.

The basis for this design is the maxim that there should not be a single unnecessary element reducing the vehicle’s practicality. Accordingly, it represents a targeted counterpart to pereceptible developments in the commercial vehicle industry. Tractors and similar vehicles are becoming increasingly luxurious. Encompassing state-of-the-art technologies, they offer their users every conceivable comfort such as air conditioning, GPS control, refrigerator and a multi-media system.

In this connection, we asked ourselves how sensible this all is. For this reason, our OX looks completely different. The main focus in developing a suitable design was to tailor it to the needs of small farmers. The small tractor was conceived to be affordable. At the same time, it should be produced, operated, maintained and repaired by the user as easily as possible. The top priorities in designing the vehicle were the visual communication and the principle of rightsizing. Thanks to its versatility, the downsized transport and labor vehicle should become the ”Swiss army knife” of agriculture.