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The eco-friendly business trip:

Passenger catamaran HydroCat

The passenger catamaran HydroCat is a transportation concept that contributes to sustainable mobility of the future. It is specifically geared to the needs of commuters in coastal areas. On its two decks, up to 350 passengers can be comfortably accommodated. Its exclusive features and facilities, including conference rooms for business travellers, assure optimum use of time travel time.

Already the shape of the HydroCat’s hull favours the flow behaviour of water so as to enable a reduction in energy consumption. Due to its electric motors that are powered by several fuel cells, the HydroCat possesses an extremely effective and environmentally friendly drive mechanism. The waste product of the fuel cell’s chemical reaction is pure water, which is used for drinking water on board and for cooling the engines.

The drive mechanism of the HydroCat is not just environmentally friendly but also extremely quiet, which is why fuel cell technology has already proven successful in its application in submarines for several years. In addition, all on-board systems are powered by a roof-mounted solar panel.