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Environmentally friendly freight transport:

Teron the Hybrid Truck

Under the name ‘Teron’, Spirit Design developed a study in 2007 for an environmentally friendly truck equipped with a hybrid drive, modular auto body and an extraordinary design. The Graz based company AVL List, which is the world's largest private engine developer, was also involved in the development of the innovative drive concept.

With this design study, Spirit Design is responding to the impact of road transport volumes on the economy and the resulting, negative effects on the climate: We ensure the most environmentally-friendly design for trucks, which are sure to remain a key mode of freight transport in future.








Conceived by Spirit Design, the truck is equipped with an innovative hybrid drive mechanism, which is designed to simultaneously optimise performance and efficiency. Thanks to its pioneering appearance, the innovative design already makes the technical benefits of the hybrid truck visible externally. The modular design of the body also contributes to keeping production particularly flexible and low-cost.