Proprietary developments

Solving tomorrow's challenges today

Spirit Design has been researching advanced mobility since 2008. This has gotten SD involved with   alternative forms of propulsion, electro-mobility, intermodality and beginning-to-end usability design.  SD has also launched a variety of proprietary-implemented projects. These are designed to change the way human beings look at mobility, and to increase the access to innovative technologies enjoyed by large-sized groups of users. These measures enable us to offer

solutions to such emerging problems as population growth and the ever-greater volume of traffic, the burden on the environment and scarcity of energy and other resources caused by it. Spirit Design has created innovative products and services optimally attuned to meeting changing needs and giving rise to new venues for living. Summing it up, we have committed ourselves to helping produce a livable future.

CH4PA The bio-gas driven labor vehicle
The bio-gas driven labor vehicle
Atmove Atmove Biogas Innovation Center
Atmove Biogas Innovation Center
Carr-e Cargo e-bike
Cargo e-bike