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Steyr Motors

Wave of Success with Marine Engines

Steyr Motors is an Austrian company based in Upper Austria and specialises in the production of diesel engines. Steyr Motors was the world’s first engine manufacturer to introduce hybrid technology for diesel engines in the shipping industry and launch serial production. This leading position in the field of diesel-electric hybrid propulsion systems for sporting and recreational boats is a position the company aims to retain.


Steyr Motors

Strategic Realignment

Strategically Sound,
Creatively Implemented

Steyr Motors entrusted us to create the look for a new generation of engines in the marine segment. In accordance with its strategically established consulting model, Spirit Design first conducted a comprehensive analysis of the market and relevant competitors. On the basis of this analysis, Spirit Design defined a more finely tuned positioning for Steyr Motors, which channeled initial design proposals. Subsequently, Spirit Design developed a V6 and a 4-cylinder in-line engine as the basis for a new look for Steyr Motors at the product level.

Brand Design

Pure Power
Embodied by Design

An important aspect was to refrain from cover parts inasmuch as possible and concentrate the design purely on the engine components. As a result, the decision was made to carry out a design that embodies technical purity. This sustainable use of form reduced to the essentials – supports the company’s marketing strategy, visually conveying the company’s slogan: ‘Innovation with lightness’. The powerful design embodying performance and quality communicates perfection and engineering skill and thus strengthens the position of Steyr Motors on the global market.