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Mobile telephones

from Munich

Siemens Mobile launched in 1985 the production and marketing of mobile telephones. In the following ten years, the company developed itself into the fifth largest producer of mobile telephones in the world..



corporate identity

We developed design strategies and concepts for Siemens Mobile and for BenQ, its successor holder of its IP (intellectual property) rights. The thrust was providing the especially robust mobile telephones for the outdoor area prized by the athletics-minded target groups. The objective was to create devices whose edge over competitors was comprised of its technologies, its features and its looks and their emotional impact. We used an extant, archetypical visual product language as the basis for the creation of a unique, unmistakable image for the product.

Communication using

a language of forms

The basis of our design concepts was a strategy clearly tailored to meet the needs of the various groups targeted.  We parlayed that into a language of dynamic forms, one conveying such attributes as athleticism and high-tech. The thrusts on the functional level were achieving robustness and ergonometric use. Our priority was to develop a puristic and long-life design concept countering the trends arising from short-lived fashions. BenQ's takeover of Siemens' mobile telephone division was followed by our designing of a range of sporty headsets for the company..