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Düsseldorf is a hub of the Rhine region. The privately-owned Röntgen Institute maintains several facilities in it. The institute owes its leading position to the broad range of services in the areas of diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine provided to patients.t.

Brand Identity



We developed a brand identity for the Röntgen Institute. We employed our consulting model to establish the foundations of our strategy for the design process itself. We compiled a comprehensive analysis of the institute's competitors in doing so. This strategy yielded an identification of the institute's core values – competent, likeable, future-oriented and secure. These values, in turn, formed the core of the brand. It, in turn gave rise to the message clearly positioning the company: “you know that you are in good hands.”.

Brand Design



The brand's core impelled our creation of the new logo of the Röntgen Institute. It conveys the institute's expertise in the area of radiology, as well as likeability and freshness. The branding's color scheme features the bright green of friendliness and of senses of comfort and belonging. It is complemented by the dark gray of technical and expert capabilities. The new branding identity has been implemented in a wide range of channels and media. These include a range of printed forms, brochure systems, personnel clothing, pictograms and guidance systems.