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Quipos Solutions

Wide-ranging customer benefits

The Salzburg based technology company Quipos Solutions has developed a device that enables location-independent customer service and business transactions based on cellular mobile telephony. Its applications range from use in the catering and event industry to stadiums, arenas, theme parks, fairs and conferences. Mobile ticketing, customer registration, surveys, order taking, etc. are all handled efficiently and failsafe with Quipos.

For this start-up company, Spirit Design developed an innovative and ergonomically perfected product design that integrates smoothly into the Quipos brand identity.

Quipos One

Quipos One

One for All

Good Seller

Together with the client, Spirit Design developed a product design whose stylistic features communicate the technical sophistication that lies within the device. Another advantage of the design: the ergonomically arranged control and feedback elements, as well as the large display, ensure that each transaction can be completed free of errors and in as short a time as possible.

Virtually Indestructible

The outdoor-ready, splash-resistant unit boasts of complete rubber impact protection, meaning it can fall to the ground from low heights without incurring damage. It is also characterised by a longitudinally aligned credit card reader that facilitates error-free reading of credit cards. The antenna is integrated into the unit’s upper area. A further smart feature of the unit is the frontal film print, which is particularly robust; this protects the unit and ensures that client’s individual design preferences can be considered.

Goes Down Well

However, the full potential of functionality only truly unfolds in conjunction with emotive attributes. After all, it is a product’s design that creates a personal affinity with a customer and enables instant identification with a technical device. This is one of the fundamental reasons employees enjoy working with their equipment and customers feel well looked after. Thus, the Quipos handheld provides further confirmation that good design is a key criterion for successful sales.