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Personal care from Payer

Innovative line of personal care products

The PAYER Group is a leading supplier of systems comprised of complex product solutions. The Group develops and produces individual components, complete devices and systems used in a variety of industrial sectors. The Group's commissioning parties are renowned companies (both Austrian and international) possessing strong global or regional brands. The Group places a high priority on innovation. As it views design as being a factor ensuring success, the Group has assigned a major role to design in the innovation process.

Spirit Design's support of Payer's activities in the area of personal care takes the form of the creation of designs of products meeting the needs of target groups and displaying innovations. These designs are of a range of devices involved in the removal of hair. These include a ladies' epilator, a hair cutter and a shaver for men. The  formulation of the design was informed by the attainment of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. The design of the devices support their ease and comfort of use, and communicates the messages that are specific to the product to the target groups.

Ladies' Epilator

Comfort and communication

Designs that women love

When designing this device we took care to take into account feminine sensibilities. The device's forms thus display an organic, free flow of lines. Our new approach to ergonomics yielded a device which is especially handy to use – and which can be held in a variety of ways. This precludes exhaustion, and enables hair to be removed from especially hard parts of the body to reach. The softly feminine language of forms is both aesthetic and a channel of communication. Being conveyed is one of the product's main advantages: painless removal of hair.

Hair Cutter

Dynamic design

With many functions

This hair cutter combines hard-edged and racy lines with nubby gripping areas. These enable secure handling in a variety of positions. This design also fosters both functionality and communication – the conveying of high value, quality and efficiency.

Mens' Razor

Masculine aesthetics

For a thorough shave

The clean-cut design of this razor accords to masculine tastes, supports its security and comfort of use, and conveys the messages specific to the product to its users. The rangy design contains references to automotive engineering. The design thus expresses the masculinity, the efficiency and the requisite thoroughness of the shaving process. It thus establishes an optimal interplay among functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.