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Ortovox S1

Founded to Enable Finding

The German company Ortovox is the world market leader for searching equipment designed to rescue trapped avalanche victims, and is constantly working on developing its product line. One of the highlights in recent years is the Ortovox S1 – the first detector in the world that can display multiple buried people simultaneously on a display screen while indicating the distance from the search party. The chances of being rescued increase significantly thanks to this technology.

Ortovox S1

Success in the Market

And in the Mountains

The design of the Ortovox S1 combines functionality, ergonomics and appealing design. The goal is to primarily enable the successful search for avalanche victims, while also improving the safety of climbers. However, sales figures also climbed thanks to the design, because it became possible to experience the product’s high quality in an emotional manner. Due to its high functionality and attractive appearance, the innovative product is able to strengthen the market positioning and image of the manufacturer Ortovox.

Efficiency in Development

An important aspect of the design concept was the cost efficiency of the optimised development process. 3-D visualisation and Simultaneous Processing brought significant benefits in product evaluation, and allowed for expedited market entry. Spirit Design was able to support its customer, Ortovox, in optimising the time-to-market.