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Well Established

Austrian Group

OMV AG is an Austrian mineral oils, natural gas and chemicals company and the largest publicly traded company in Austria. With its refineries and a filling-station network comprising around 2,500 stations, the group is active in 13 countries, both in oil production as well as in the marketing of petroleum products. Exploration and production takes place in 21 countries on five continents.

OMV Bixxol Motor Oil


Many Countries, One Branding

A Consistent Brand Identity

For the engine oil product line Bixxol Spirit Design developed an integrated brand identity. It brings together the many different grades of engine oil, but also makes them clearly distinguishable. The packaging reflects the brand values ​​of OMV while simultaneously bringing continuity to the existing line of packaging design. In addition, Spirit Design found a solution to the challenge of having to accommodate the extensive product information text in 14 different languages ​​on the label. The multi-page booklet type label provides a consistent brand identity for Bixxol in all different markets.

A Tight Grip

On Emotion and Functionality

The colours of the engine oil types vary according to target group and product positioning. The bottle shape looks more dynamic and upscale than other lines of engine oil, which is also emphasised by 3D graphical elements as well as the tapered lettering. Functionally, Spirit Design paid special attention to the packaging design to assure a firm grip and pouring ease. The packaging design of Bixxol engine oils visually communicates its high quality and is characterised by both friendliness towards customers as well as logistical advantages.

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