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Complex Quality

The Austrian High-Tech Extrusion GmbH (HTE) specialises in the manufacturing of extrusion machinery and is currently the first and only provider of comprehensive extrusion lines from a single source. This provides a considerable advantage for the overall performance. Extrusion lines are highly-complex machines, which are used in the production of Styrofoam frames, tubes and other products such as window profiles, cable channels, drain pipes, technical profiles and many more.

Spirit Design provided the strategic design for a new generation of products and were therefore able to support the company’s change process through innovative, modernised design. This contributes significantly to raising not only the company’s competitiveness but also its image.

HTI – High Tech Extrusion GmbH

Design communicates Values

When it comes to investment goods, design is not the primary sales argument because emotional aspects take a back seat. Not stylised but perfectly engineered; this is where a targeted Visual Product Language unfolds its true effect. It conveys the positive characteristics and communicates the brand values that were aspired. This contributes crucial support in the sales process.


A Clear Line

Through its purist design, the new extrusion line instantly distinguishes itself from its competition. The entire form of the machine was reduced to its most basic components, which are clearly defined in their appearance. The clear and succinct design line communicates the strength of the HTE brand: efficiency, reliability, and highest technical standards. This line of machines covers the entire production process; from the absorption of synthetic granules all the way to the finished product.