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Simple joy in communicating

EGR Vertriebs- und Handelsges.m.b.H. is more than 20 years old. It is a specialist in providing mobile and other telecommunication products. Its working relationships with renowned sales partners have made EGR the most successful distributor in its field in Austria. EGR's strategy vis-à-vis its end-customers is to stay in the background, and to let the strong brands distributed by it speak for themselves.

Spirit Design used EGR's business strategy as the basis for the creation of a branding strategy for the company, for which SD also formulated the design of the new “HalloHallo” umbrella brand. This brand design imparted an end-to-end look and brand experience to EGR's outlets and to the innovative products and services offered by them.

Brand Strategy

Reaching consumers' hearts and minds

Differentiation through brand strategy

HalloHallo does not restrict itself to simply selling products. Its objectives also include enthusing and inspiring its customers, and, by doing such, making them at home in the world of advanced communication. The tool for achieving this is the new umbrella brand, which makes this world comprehensible and experiential to consumers.

Spirit Design worked closely with EGR in creating a clearly-articulated identity for the brand, whose core is comprised of the “simple joy of communicating” and of unique brand values. The ensuing brand story incorporates these, and forms, in turn, the basis of communication and of differentiation from competing suppliers.

Bold & in touch with customers

HalloHallo has purposefully differentiated itself from major retailing chains by formulating offerings configured to meet the needs of groups targeted, by supplying highest quality, individualized consulting services, and by offering fair price/performance ratios. Their compilation ensued from the close working relationship between Spirit Design and EGR, and involved the analysis of competitors and the employment of a range of benchmarks and of prevailing trends in design.

HalloHallo presents itself as a brand that boldly and flexibly meets the highly individual needs of customers. These traits ensure that customers are well advised, and receive the requisite support and fair offers. HalloHallo is in close touch with its customers. It imparts to them the positive feeling of having found the proper telecommunications partner.

Brand Design


Appealing brand design

Spirit Design took the brand strategy and used it as a basis for the development of a holistic design concept for HalloHallo. The elements comprised in the design make immediately and appealingly apparent the brand's diverse range of offerings.

The pictograph stands for “transmitting” and “receiving”. It constitutes an allusion to the symbol for mobile communication. It feels modern and technically capable. The enjoyment to be experienced in communication also manifests itself in the striking and warmly-gleaming color scheme. This optimally distinguishes it from those of competitors. The color gradient employed conveys liveliness, customer affiliation and pulsating communication. The key element of all printed materials used in advertisements and items of communication is the transmitting communication module.

The logo makes use of an open and technical-working form of letters. The world of images has a friendly and optimistic look. The language features the clarity and precision of articulation manifested by the fonts. The diversity expressed in the design manifests individuality, and displays, as a side-effect, the brand's ability to adapt to customers and their needs

The thoroughgoing concept comprises the design of the logo, typography, style of illustrations and images, and color scheme of applications of the brand logo. Spirit Design visualized such key utilizations of the brand design as as business cards, corporate stamps, flyers, brochures and ad layouts. Spirit Design also created the exterior signage of the shop portal.