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A Taste of Tradition

The Frey family is originally from the Znaimer region, a traditional market gardening region of the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, home of the world famous gherkins that bear the same name. The family-owned cannery delivers the gherkins all the way to the USA.

Frey Delikatessen Successful Re-launch

Strategy and Design

Successful Re-launch

Following comprehensive research, particularly in the field of gastronomic specialties, a new marketing strategy was developed. The key goals were to position products within a higher price segment, to focus on upscale products and the international alignment of the brand’s identity.

Spirit Design expanded the brand as Frey Delikatessen and worked to visually implement a new corporate identity. Key elements that were communicated were the company’s long tradition and the product range’s high quality. These merged into the creation of the new logo and the company’s revamped print materials. Moreover, a packaging concept was developed which was adapted to the new positioning. It also allowed for a cost effective printing of a variety of labels used for various different packaging.


Market Expansion

First-Class Ingredients

Through the distinct structuring of separate product areas and a professional brand identity, these products currently enjoy superior communication. In consequence, the business has positioned itself among larger national and international commercial enterprises, and become a popular distributor among specialised retailers and gastronomic businesses.