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Fischer Sport

Leader in track and trail

Fischer GmbH, based in Ried (Upper Austria) is a leading global manufacturer of Alpine skis and world leader in the manufacturing of cross-country skis. In 2004, the company celebrated its 80th anniversary – and with a view towards the future, the company’s positioning needed to be focused more on innovation.

Spirit Design was able to encourage Fischer with its clear, strategic advisement and was duly charged with designing the trendsetting downhill ski collections of 2004 / 2005 and 2005 / 2006 – two highly successful collections.

Fischer Ski Collection 2004-06

Strategic Alignment

Clearly Defined Target Groups

After the turn of the millennium, several new trends emerged within the ski industry. During this time, Spirit Design supported Fischer in an advisory capacity and with the help of a Sinus Milieu jointly defined new target groups. Spirit Design’s strategic recommendation was to divide the market more rigidly into well-defined target group segments. Thanks to this persistent product policy, Fischer strengthened its distinction from the competition and was able to better meet the needs of the various customer groups. Design and product properties were tailored specifically to each segment. As part of this development process, Spirit Design were responsible not only for the surface design but also for the shape, meaning the design of the ski’s body.

Good Approach

Greater Sales

Aside from the well-known RC top-class sporting models and the RX models for non-professional skiers, Spirit Design also helped Fischer develop some additional innovations. One example is the ‘AMC All Mountain Cruise’, which transmits the SUV concept from the automotive industry to the skiing market. Thanks to its wider build and greater surface area, the ‘AMC’ is equally ridable on the slopes as well as off-piste. At the prestigious red dot product design awards in 2006, the model was awarded the top rating ‘best of the best’.

The collections of 2004 / 2005 and 2005 / 2006 were equally well received by sporting goods trade professionals and customers; Fischer was able to achieve strong sales growth in spite of intense competition.