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Strong Drive

In German, AVL stands for ‘Institute for Combustion Engines List’. As dry as the name may seem, its success is actually inversely fascinating: The Graz-based company is the world’s largest independent developer of drive systems. Creating engines for the leading car manufacturers and some of the fastest teams in motorsport, AVL currently generates upwards of 600 million Euros a year.

Spirit Design was commissioned by AVL to conceptualise completely new approaches for designing engine housings, and initiating a kind of paradigm shift.

Engergy Combination

Energy Combination

Meaningful Connection

This innovative company commissioned us to design a range extender. These are highly economical combustion engines, which are combined with electric motors and consequently increase their range considerably. This innovative drive train concept also needed to be clearly expressed in the product’s appearance.

Novel and Innovative

Novel and Innovative

Clear language

What the technology in the interior is able to produce is made outwardly visible by the design: cleanliness, efficiency and power through the combination of combustion and electric drive technology. Thus, Spirit Design managed to translate the concept of a hybrid engine into something that is not primarily reminiscent of a classic engine design, but rather of a modern computer. The novelty of the combined drive system was to be effectively reflected in the design.



Large Tractor Tolpar

The High-End Powerhouse

In 2007, AVL commissioned us to develop both the exterior and interior design of a deluxe wheel tractor in the Russian market. The project was named “Tolpar” which is Russian for “stallion”.

The development of the Tolpar tractor anticipated the highest design and quality standards of the automotive industry for agricultural applications. This step was just as unconventional and innovative as the tractor’s angular and powerful design language. The styling communicates the inner values of this professional 300 hp machine to the outside world via premium surfaces and top quality in manufacturing.

AVL | Großtraktor Tolpar

AVL | Großtraktor Tolpar

Cutting-edge technology so simple: overview and ergonomics

The powerful yet reduced cabin frame offers the optimal combination of stability and all-round vision. The idea behind its design: the extremely slim B-pillar enables perfect 360 degree panorama views and ensures safe handling in all situations.

The cockpit design explores completely new avenues in the field of ergonomics for agricultural applications. The sophisticated usability concept includes a fully digital screen dashboard that has already become standard in luxury vehicles.

Full-sized mockup models were used to perform usability tests. The prototype was ultimately presented to the public at an international agriculture trade fair in Russia.

AVL | Großtraktor Tolpar

AVL | Großtraktor Tolpar