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Pit Stop for a Brand

Brand Re-launch

Avanti is a brand belonging to the OMV AG, Austria’s largest listed company. The brand boasts a long-standing history, having been founded as early as the 1940s. Throughout 60 years, it succeeded in effectively establishing itself on the market, but nonetheless gathered a bit of dust over the years. After the takeover by OMV in 2003, a comprehensive re-launch was decided upon.

Avanti Brand Re-launch

Avanti Brand Re-launch

Fuel for More Market Success

Spirit Design gave the Avanti brand a fresher, younger look in order to make it more attractive for new target groups. At the same time, Spirit Design sought to maintain the characteristic trademarks that allowed for a sense of continuity among existing clients. As a result, the basic colour scheme, consisting of yellow and black, was maintained, but the yellow was changed to a more powerful, clearer shade. The brand’s font was trimmed and made more edgy, whilst remaining true to its roots.

Alongside the branding, the brand re-launch encompassed the entire fueling station architecture as well as all online and print marketing tools. In addition, Spirit Design created the sub-brand ‘Boxenstopp’ – meaning pit stop; it communicates a strong focus on customer service, which distinguishes the serviced Avanti fueling stations. Overall, Avanti garnered a consistent, attractive look, which results in a higher affinity with younger clients and in maintained loyalty from existing ones.

Avanti Engine Oil

Avanti Motoroel

Avanti Engine Oil

Smooth Running

Based on the new branding, Spirit Design also developed the packaging for Avanti’s engine oils. The basic colour scheme of the bottles containing engine oils is made up of the striking Avanti-yellow for the car-related products as well as silver for the blends used for motorcycles. In addition to the colouring, the lettering and pictograms (car or motorcycle) on the labels facilitate brand recognition for the customer as well. The illustration of a piston in motion as an eye-catcher on the labels of the car and motorcycle oils has two functions: first off, it is an expression of dynamics that reflects the elevated quality of the Avanti engine oils. Secondly, the fact that that the contents are engine oils becomes immediately clear. For the customer, this means being able to make a simple distinction between other lubricants and allows for a quicker decision at a point-of-sales.

Avanti Motoroel Range