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Atomic is among the most traditional ski manufacturers in Austria, the company history dating back to 1955. Since 1971, the company has been manufacturing at its current base in Altenmarkt. The company has succeeded in conveying a positive image and creating high brand awareness through top quality and sustained success at a professional level, well beyond Austria’s borders.

In 2007, Atomic approached us with the task of developing an integrated, holistic concept for a trendsetting and forward-looking ski-innovation: a flexible double-decker system aimed at improved handling performance by adapting to a variety of speeds, handling characteristics and conditions on the slopes. Spirit Design’s task was to devise branding, product design and brand communication.

Atomic Skyu

Atomic Skyu

Bull’s Eye

Spirit Design’s basic idea was to approach the brand from the perspective of the Japanese Archery discipline, Kyudo. This conveys a unique and high-quality image, which provides Atomic with an advantage to effectively distinguish itself from competition. As a brand name, Spirit Design created S-kyu - a memorable neologism, which establishes the relationship to Kyudo and phonetically addresses the customer directly (‘ski you’).

Consequently, Spirit Design also attuned the product design to the characteristics of a high-tech archery bow, to express the high flexibility and quality of this ski-innovation. The result of Spirit Design’s approach was a completely new and unique ski design, a memorable brand name and a communication strategy that clearly conveys the advantages of this innovation.