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1772 - Count Coreth Prachensky

Austrian Spirits from Thailand

Two Austrians are turning tropical fruits into Finest Tropical Fruit Spirits – directly from Thailand, but using high-quality European know-how: a combination that had previously remained unexplored. The result is a highly aromatic, authentic tropical fruit schnapps. The objective of the producers, Maximilian Coreth and Nikolaus Prachensky: nothing less than the conquest of international high-end gastronomy.

1772 - Count Coreth Prachensky

The Brand.

The Style.

Spirit Design developed the brand, the entire branding, packaging and all print and online marketing tools for 1772 Count Coreth Prachensky. The unique quality of the Finest Tropical Fruit Spirits is visually brought to light through this integrated communication design.

The brand logo is fresh and modern, but also transmits the long family tradition that goes into the company. Throughout the entire branding, the unique market positioning of the product is communicated, all the more so when combined with the packaging. Its core element is the 1772 bottle in the form of a drop, especially designed by Spirit Design and produced exclusively by a manufacturer in Asia.

The extensive, upscale corporate brochure conveys the particular virtue of the spirits in the form of evocative images and sophisticated texts. Decorative illustrations based on colonial Paisley patterns refer to the wild tropical fruit from Thailand. The silver gray, dark blue and orange colour scheme convey elegance as well as freshness.

From Know-How

to an Experience

The branding of the Finest Tropical Fruit Spirits expresses what 1772 Count Prachensky Coreth stands for: First-rate quality for discerning connoisseurs from all over the world. An international jury of experts presented Spirit Design with an award at the ‘red dot’ awards, namely the award in communication design for 2011. Further success in the world of high-end gastronomy materialised soon after: Top restaurants such as Hangar7, Steirereck, Obauer, Patara and the others now feature the fine spirits of 1772 Count Careth Prachensky.