Spirit Design’s consulting model covers all areas of innovation development:


Design of Vision

Business Innovation

To begin with, Spirit Design plays a guiding role in structuring the development processes of sustainable business innovations. Through our guidance, promising innovations and brand strategies are derived/developed. Visions are concretely conceptualised/described and later realised. Thanks to our design scenarios, strategies are made comprehensible, communicable and tangible for management.

Vision to Life

Product-, Service- and Brand Innovation

In the implementation process, product, service and brand innovations are conceived as well as realised in an integrated manner from the ideate phase to the actual launch. The benefits to our customers, therefore, go beyond just design expertise, and extend to our years of experience with processes and their full execution.

Accompanying Processes

Process Innovation

Furthermore, we advise our clients regarding all aspects of the accompanying innovation, brand and design management. Projects can therefore overcome internal obstacles more easily. As a result, the organisation learns to cope with the change processes, and internal practices easily adapt to the new requirements.