Innovation and Brand

Thinking the Future

Successful innovation and brand bring with them a decisive competitive advantage: innovation generates excitement, which the brand brings to life and disseminates through different media channels. This is why innovation and brand need to be developed jointly and in an integrated manner.

Spirit Design helps companies on three levels: at the innovation of the business model, the implementation of innovations and brands (from concept to market launch), and during the accompanying processes.


The greatest successes occur when the future is actively constructed. Groundbreaking innovation is more than the response to changes in the environment and the market – it anticipates these and crafts a new reality. Because of this, it paves the way for market leadership and promotes a lasting competitive advantage.

To make innovation possible, trends need to be identified early on and products and services need to be developed or adapted.

Innovation must be strategically grounded in order to deliver on profits and socially valuable contributions. The key focus here is sustainability, customer benefits and added value by means of reduction of excesses.

Design is an essential component of any innovation and a key element to achieve these things.

Our strongest motivation is enthusiasm as well as the desire to create something meaningful and unique. Maximising the benefits while simultaneously being able to reduce matters to their essentials is central. The targeted and rapid realisation of this considerable demand is achieved through a structured approach, strategic thinking, goal-oriented creativity and modern technical equipment. We are professionals that work with a passion.

Product Design

At the beginning of each product development, a vision of the future needs to already exist: What are the requirements of the market, the needs of target groups, in what ways is society changing, what are today’s global challenges? Our goal is nothing less than to do these questions justice through our innovations. We want to generate enthusiasm and strike the emotions of target groups – all while developing trendsetting products that provide answers to global challenges.

We always see product design as an integral part of the overall strategy and brand.

Service Design

Services or the rendition of services need to first be explained as a process, and then be designed to meet the individual demands at the customer-contact points. This develops a superior service experience. If business models are re-thought, then there is the potential for completely new services. To make this possible, user analysis is of particular importance.


In an interconnected and rapidly changing world, where brand awareness unfolds through the experience of products inasmuch as through services, brands need to offer meaningful products and services that meet the needs of such a reality. They must do this while representing clear values that appeal to people emotionally.

Through our comprehensive approach, we help our customers create unique and exciting brand identities. Brands that connect with consumers and employees, generate differentiating offers, and create real added value.

Such a combination of innovation and brand is the key asset for sustainable development.

These strategic insights allow us to disclose potential and develop sustainable design solutions.

Strategy, design, and communication in combination with technology – a sustainable brand must intersect across all media and inspire people.