New ÖBB cityjet

ÖBB presents new suburban traffic design by Spirit Design

03. Sep 2013
  • Consistent design concept sets new standards in European suburban traffic
  • Strong brand ÖBB and its values now also consistently at product level in suburban and long-distance traffic
  • ÖBB cityjet offers mobile living space and individual comfort to all user groups

Vienna, 3 September 2013.

The new ÖBB cityjet’s branding and interior design were developed by Vienna-based, strategic design company Spirit Design – Innovation and Brand. Today ÖBB CEO Christian Kern and Federal Minister Doris Bures presented the new ÖBB train for suburban traffic to the public. Consequently, ÖBB is one of the first railway companies to pursue an integrated design strategy that includes both product portfolio and brand presence. The brand ÖBB will be perceived and recognised as a consistent user experience in the most important point of customer contact – the train – and all other design elements. As Christian Kern, CEO of ÖBB-Holding AG, explains, “Rail travel is unquestionably in fashion. The increasing number of passengers is the result of, among other things, our rolling stock’s quality improvements. This is why we will continue to modernise the ÖBB vehicle fleet by adding 100 new cityjet trains for suburban and regional traffic by 2015. The cityjet will follow in the railjet’s footsteps and become for suburban traffic what the railjet is for long-distance traffic.”

Strategic design conveys the benefits of the train as an eco-friendly means of traffic

Spirit Design has already successfully designed the ÖBB railjet, consults numerous renowned clients in the development of pioneering visions, and creates innovative product, service and brand designs in the areas smart city, mobility and energy. The design company developed the new ÖBB suburban traffic design, on the one hand, in close cooperation with ÖBB’s brand and design management, and on the other hand, in ongoing technical coordination with SIEMENS, who manufactured the railcar model Desiro ML. While always giving top priority to customer needs and passenger comfort, the development process ranged from exterior branding and logo design to the development of individual railcar areas through a subtle but very fresh style of colours, a high-quality material and surface concept, special decorations and elaborate light design. The result was an innovative yet timeless design to create the perfect atmosphere for passengers to feel comfortable.

Daniel Huber, Managing Partner of Spirit Design, explains, “Design is of vital importance to make the trains as a suburban and regional means of traffic more attractive. After all, we want to convince as many people as possible of the benefits of eco-friendly trains. The appealing design language and the use of high-quality and sustainable materials makes it possible to emotionally experience the brand ÖBB and its values.” Georg Wagner, also Managing Partner of Spirit Design, adds, “The distinctive and ÖBB signature design for suburban traffic sets a new benchmark in the European railway network – and combined with the successful ÖBB railjet, it creates a comprehensive and strategically sophisticated mobility concept.”

Universal Design guarantees an ideal travel experience for a highly diverse group of users

The ÖBB cityjet offers passengers mobile living space and individual comfort. Aside from durability and sustainability, this was at the forefront of Spirit Design’s thinking with regard to floors, walls, covers, headrests, materials, decorations, colours and gloss levels. The ÖBB cityjet’s room concept with intelligent, multi-purpose area design, e.g. communication, work, relaxation and service areas, paves the way for such an objective. Premium interiors create a friendly and appealing atmosphere for passengers with very different needs. Open and quiet crossings as well as smooth track running even at a top speed of 160 km/h ensure barrier-free accessibility and an ideal travel experience for all user groups in terms of universal design. Therefore, ÖBB is able to offer mobility solutions for many generations that set new standards in suburban and long-distance traffic both in Austria and Europe. At the same time, accompanying communication measures – such as the film by Spirit Design – optimally stage these solutions.