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Spirit Design at first TEDx Graz


Georg Wagner was one of the international speakers at the first TEDx in Graz. Under the motto “"Horizon - There's no such Thing", a total of 15 experts presented innovative ideas with the potential of transforming the world during their TED Talks.

At present "Horizon 2020", the world’s largest transnational program for research and innovation is being implemented in Europe. This was reason enough for Friso Schopper, curator of TEDx Graz, to focus closely on the topic of horizons. With respect to the Earth’s horizon, we should act like in the past with respect to ecological, political and social issues. This also applies to our own horizon. It offers the basis for solutions enabling us to at least maintain the status quo, and perhaps make significant improvements.

Motivated by this central theme, we analyzed the global potential of our vision of biogas-driven mobility against the backdrop of our exciting pilot project in Brazil. This involves comprehensive system innovation on the basis of waste. This is because the world’s population continues to grow and thus the need for more food. Malnutrition is rampant in areas with the biggest growth. 1,500,000,000 small farmers around the world could do something about the problem by recycling and reusing their own wastes. After all, food production generates 1,300,000,000 tons of waste every year, most of which can at least be partially recycled by returning the waste materials back into the ecological cycle and using the waste for production purposes.

Georg Wagner showed what type of infrastructure is required for this and the positive effects resulting from this process, tasking our pilot project in Brazil as an example. The dimensions of the global potential not only impressed us, but also the audience. It was a great experience to be part of the inspiring atmosphere and excitement prevailing at TEDx!

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Here you can read all the details about our research and development project supported by the Vienna Business Agency: The labor and transport vehicle comprises an important building block of the system innovation we outlined. Spirit Design is currently constructing a Mobility Innovation Center in the Brazilian pilot region together with renowned local and international partners. This is designed to serve as a future think tank developing local biogas-based mobility solutions and embedding them in the region.