Production in Full Gear

First ÖBB cityjet is finished


At the beginning of September 2013, the Austrian National Railways (ÖBB) presented the new design of the next generation ÖBB fleet both for local and long-distance trains. Now the first train has left the production plant and is being subject to a comprehensive inspection in a testing center. Starting in January 2015, the ÖBB cityjets, for which Spirit Design was responsible for the branding and interior design, will arrive in Austria for tests in a wind tunnel. Trial and licensing runs will take place as of March 2015. 31 trains are planned for the rapid transit network in Vienna and Lower Austria, along with 35 trains for regional rail traffic in Lower Austria, 18 in Styria and 17 in Upper Austria. Passengers will first be able to use the trains in the winter of 2015. The new trains have been well received. In a survey carried out by ORF (Note: Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), 80% of the people interviewed said the ÖBB cityjet is “really beautiful“.

Design concept creates new standards in European rail traffic

After designing the ÖBB railjets, we were contracted for the branding and interior design of the ÖBB cityjet. We conceived a new design for local rail traffic in close collaboration with the brand and design managers at ÖBB and ongoing technical coordination with SIEMENS, producer of the railcar model Desiro ML. The development work focused on customer needs and the comfort of the travelers. This included the exterior branding and design of the logo as well as the individual railcar areas on the basis of a subtle but very fresh style of colors, a high quality material and surface concept, special decorations and an elaborate light design.

Optimal travel experience for different users

The new SIEMENS railcars set new standards in passenger comfort. Comfortable low-floor entrances guarantee barrier-free access without ramps, also for baby carriages and wheelchair users. Passengers can relax in comfortable and adjustable seats with arm rests and footrests. The LED lighting tailored to the seating position and the passenger information provided via monitors inside the railcar add to the people’s feeling of well-being. In addition, electrical outlets, tables and window blinds are planned. The Desiro ML reaches a top speed of 160 km/h.

The new ÖBB cityjet ensures modern and efficient rail operation which also comprises an advantage for the ÖBB. In comparison to existing railcars, the mileage obtained between service intervals is up to three times higher than for other railcars. The high efficiency of the drive system, electro-dynamic regenerative brakes featuring energy recovery and oil-free compressors ensure resource-saving operation. As of December 2015, the ÖBB will acquire up to five trains and put them into operation. Accordingly, the ÖBB will boast one of the modern train fleets in Europe. This can be emotionally experienced by the passengers thanks to the appealing aesthetics and the use of high quality and long-lasting materials in the ÖBB cityjet.

Image rights: ÖBB und SIEMENS AG