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Design and Innovation


Wintersteiger AG in Ried im Innkreis hosted this year’s 42nd Innovation Pool of the PFT Platform for Innovation Management. Some 60 interested participants already managed to get a first-hand impression of a best practice example on the topic of “Design and Innovation” during a tour of the company. Other practical examples were presented within the context of specialized lectures, including one by Spirit Design entitled “Next Generation – Schlagwort oder echte Innovation” (Next Generation – Catchword or Real Innovation).

Together with Reinhard Vorderwinkler (Head of the Department of Shipping, Technology and Navigation at the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology - BMVIT), Daniel Huber provided the audience with an insight into the progress being made on the new boat used to supervise traffic on the Danube River. It vividly demonstrates how the new generation of a product can turn out to be a real innovation, for example on the basis of an optimally coordinated cooperation of an interdisciplinary team, a consistent process and project management, holistic thinking, focusing on the perspectives of the user, and innovation-friendly conditions. These factors ensure that the design can be optimally integrated into the strategic innovation process, providing the best possible support to important functions and conveying emotional messages.

Franz Gangl and Johann Aigner, Wintersteiger AG, Roland Nöbauer, CATT Innovation Management, Tino Valentinitsch, Valentinitsch Design and Hannes Auzinger were also guest speakers at the event who added practical examples from their own business operations. The experiences and information presented at the event were discussed in small groups by the interested participants, who defined corresponding key takeways.

Here you can find a detailed report on the event in German >

Photo rights: weinfranz / PFI Plattform für Innovationsmanagement