Spirit Design presents itself

Austrian Innovation Forum


It was, of course, obligatory for Spirit Design to attend a conference bearing the title "Austrian Innovation Forum". The thrust of this year’s edition of the forum was "Business Design Thinking". Renowned speakers delivered keynote and kickoff lectures. We made use of the event to present such current projects of ours as eVienne.

The AIF provided participants with a wealth of opportunities for networking and for the exchanging of experiences, plus a large number of ideas and suggestions. The AIF imparted the participants with the courage to innovate and to found companies. The AIF’s speakers included Daniel Huber and our partner Stefan Gara from ETA Umweltmanagement GmbH, plus a number of leading figures from the business, scientific and research communities. The latter included Anton Plimon, managing director of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology; Michael Schrage of the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Head of the School of Design Thinking; Martin Eder, Kapsch TrafficCom AG; Prof. Johann Füller, University of Innsbruck; Gabriele Payr, CEO if Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG; Monika Langthaler, Brainbows; and Brigitte Bach, Head of the Energy Department AIT.

Photo credits: Austrian Innovation Forum

An in-depth look at the forum is available on the Website of the Austrian Innovation Forum 2013 >