Usability Test

Highest marks for Quipos One


Quipos Solutions granted a commission to Spirit Design.

It involved its Quipos One, the professional-use handheld employed in conducting remote transactions involving the restaurant and event sectors. The commission entailed the design of the product itself and of its ergonometric features. The usability tests recently conducted gave highest marks to our work. We are gratified by them, as they demonstrate the excellence of our work.  This objective test was staged in a usability laboratory. During the test, Quipos One gave an impressive demonstration of its ability to perform. Persons – including both technology freaks and inexperienced users – mastered the complicated test assignments without experiencing any problems, and without having had previous training or instruction. Quipos One was given highly positive evaluations by all of the persons testing it. These evaluations were based on the device’s professional design, its great range of functions, its ease and comprehensibility of use, and the robustness of its hardware. Objects of especially positive comments were the device’s large-sized display and its ergonomics, which make it handy to employ.

We join Quipos Solutions in welcoming these successes. Our employment of methods of integrated product design had obviously enabled us to completely achieve our objective. Informing our work from the very start was meeting customer needs. The choice of the forms used in the device was mandated by the need to cover technical advances and to guarantee the error-free and expeditious pursuing of business transactions. The ergonometric arraying of operating and feedback elements was governed by such considerations, as was the creation of the large-sized display.

Also highly important to us was to design solidly-built hardware, which has been created to be light-weight but, at the same time, robust and unbreakable. The result is Quipos One, which is capable of being used outdoors because it is waterproof and capable of withstanding – undamaged - being dropped. This is thanks to its being encased in rubber sheathing. Its front features an especially strongly-printed film. Thanks to these features, Quipos One operates absolutely reliably and is, for all intents and purposes, incapable of being damaged. This commission has confirmed our belief in the importance of good design in creating ties between user and device. This identification with the object of employment arises spontaneously and is a key driver of sales success.

Photo credits: Quipos Solutions