An Ox Instead of Oxen

29. Dec 2011

Spirit Design presented a study of an innovative, agricultural labour and transport vehicle for small-scale farmers in developing countries. The small-scale tractor called Ox will be powered by biogas, thus enabling the farmers to farm in a self-sufficient manner, while increasing their productivity. The Technical University of Vienna and the University of Agricultural Sciences are both involved in the project.


High speed into the future

05. Dec 2011

Spirit Design has developed a concept for an innovative, hydrogen-driven passenger ship. Such a high-speed “Hydrocat” ferry could contribute to unclogging traffic on land and air by operating in coastal waters.

Mobility of the Future

Suitable for Mass and Individual Use

01. Dec 2011
Smart City

In November 2011, Daniel Huber and Georg Wagner lectured at two high-profile events on ‘Innovative Mobility Concepts for Smart Cities’ and ‘Individualization of Smart Mobility’.

Design Engineering

A Model for the Ideal Product Development Process

28. Nov 2011

We assigned a project on design and engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Wels. The aim was to analyze the product development process at the interfaces between design and engineering, to identify problem areas and develop a solution model for innovation management.


Product Design for Wide-Ranging Customer Benefits

26. Nov 2011

For the Salzburg based technology company Quipos, we have developed the design for a device for mobile, wireless business transactions based on cellular mobile telephony, for use in the catering and events industry.


Success in the Middle Kingdom

19. Nov 2011
Dr. Christoph Leitl

Our activities in China have already secured new clients. These activities are to be pursued. The discussions held with a large number of business representatives and potential cooperation partners have repeatedly confirmed that the need for professional services in the areas of design and innovation is extremely large.


Clear Communication for Creative Architects

12. Nov 2011

We developed a brand concept and internationalisation strategy for the Viennese architecture firm Söhne & Partner.

Spirit Intern

Further Strengthening our Team

03. Nov 2011
Rainer Flassak und Agathe Habacher

Brand designer Rainer Flassak and senior brand designer Agathe Habacher bring in their spirit.

Energy through Change

Brand re-launch for next level consulting

09. Oct 2011

The Viennese company next level consulting is the market leader in the field of project management traineeship in the German-speaking world. We provided strategic advice to the internationally renowned consulting company in sustainably realigning its brand, and made the results obvious and tangible in the context of a new look.

Forum Alpbach

Speaker Georg Wagner

10. Sep 2011
Europäisches Forum Alpbach

At this year's Forum Alpbach and at the invitation of EcoPlus, the Business Agency of the state of Lower Austria, Georg Wagner spoke about “Design Innovations for the ‘New Oldies’”.