What is Design Thinking?


In the course of our work, we think daily about the future, the role of design-driven innovation, what products can be used to conserve resources, and what types of solutions are sustainable. Through workshops, talks and expert dialogues, we provide insights into the future-oriented Spirit Design expertise.

In autumn 2017, Spirit Design will be holding its first ever educational event with the theme of "Product Development" for the "Sustainable Resource Management" programme at FH Campus Wien (Vienna). We want to pass on our visionary thinking and innovation strategies around the topic of sustainability to students with similar needs and goals. We also share our future-oriented knowledge as part of a wireless training course: "With Design Thinking towards an Innovation Strategy". This is about how to optimally prepare a business for economic and social developments and make an individual business model fit for the future. It is directed at those responsible for innovation and business managers leading the development of future-capable innovations for products, services and business models. The Design Thinking method will likewise be introduced here. This is an interdisciplinary, cyclic school of thought which prioritises human needs in order to resolve complex problems. The goal is then approached through a six-step process: understanding, observation, defining perspectives, finding ideas, developing prototypes and testing. We also want to bring this to the specialist professionals in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. As part of an expert dialogue we explain our Design Thinking method, which can be applied immediately by means of practical examples. Eighteen students on the "Industrial Design" course at the Joanneum Technical School were particularly inspired by Daniel Huber's unique look at Spirit Design's working processes and methods during an in-house lecture.