Industrial Innovation

The Safety Trailer passes all the tests


The digital transformation has all kinds of new possibilities to offer industry – intelligent production, improved customer services, more efficient maintenance systems and even entirely new business models. Modern networked technologies make it possible for products to partially organise themselves.

The Safety Trailer passes all the tests

The latest product developed by Spirit Design, working in collaboration with pewag, is a typical Industry 4.0 application: an automatic exchange of information between computer, machine and human. A Safety Trailer, which thinks along with you, processes information, transfers it and makes maintenance appointments. With this product, premium chain manufacturer pewag is extending its product portfolio and offering new services in the fields of testing and direct marketing: an innovative complete system consisting of a van, trailer and software, which functions as a mobile, hydraulic oil-free tensile testing trailer for chain slings and lifting tackle. The trailer can be used with a driving licence E to B, and can carry out servicing and maintenance works directly on-site with the customer, on the concourse or at the construction site. Thanks to the smart connection solution peTAG, data can be evaluated more rapidly and then processed further. The integrated IT system can provide the customer with information including the testing status, test data or future maintenance.

Spirit Design has developed pewag's first functional prototype further. The development was preceded by strategic analysis and Design Thinking workshops for the management. An initial design was then developed based on a focused strategy. As well as the design and improved functionality, a significant focus was placed on weight savings, which have been achieved through a minimised layout and a lower structural height. Hinged side doors unfold upwards, thereby also providing protection against the weather to the worker. Spirit Design has located the testing machine nearer to the central axis, which improves driving behaviour. The shape of the testing trailer evokes two interlocking chain links. In order to optimally integrate pewag's typical market, chain links are likewise used as graphical elements in the branding. The design and branding are thus aligned with each other, and their overall effect is strengthened.

In the pewag Safety Trailer, Spirit Design has created a testing device to best meet the requirements of all users (management, operators, service employees, IT technicians) with its optimised ergonomics, Design2Cost management and integrated Industry 4.0-based implementation.