A brandnew fire truck!

The eight-legged PANTHER is here


On the 28th of June, the enormous airport fire engine was launched in Leonding. It is currently Rosenbauer's highest-performing fire engine and will be used at international airports, primarily Dubai and Paris. Vienna is also exchanging its entire airfield fleet.

Latest addition: the PANTHER 8x8, the largest fire engine in this series, with new pumps and cabins, completes the Rosenbauer PANTHER family. The unusual design is once again by Spirit Design and is adapted to the form language of the 6x6. The newest PANTHER with its innovative design represents a big step towards the future and sets new standards for safety, performance and both user and operator comfort. We are already looking forward to the brand-new fire engine which will be in operation in airports all over the world from 2018 onward!

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