A new Move!

The CH4PA has landed


The innovative project Atmove, a joint venture from Spirit Design and CIBiogás, is moving further towards the future.

This spring, the CH4PA designed by us finally, after a number of customs-related delays, reached Brazil, where it will now go into full-scale production. The CH4PA is a biogas-based vehicle developed by Spirit Design. It will help Brazilian farmers in their work, while saving up to 50% of fuel costs and reducing up to 100% of emissions. The R20 foundation chaired by Arnold Schwarzenegger will support the project in Brazil.

In the course of this process, Spirit Design also launched a new website for the whole Atmove project. With this, the biogas-themed mobility project has strengthened its digital presence. A Portuguese version of the website is being planned and a specific company is to be founded. We are looking forward to the next steps..