Spirit’s four pillars of innovation


From idea to market, there are many sides to innovation. During this process, Spirit Design passes on its comprehensive expertise, holistic innovation and brand competence to other companies. On top of that, Spirit Design also develops its own innovations.

The "innovation factory" is based on four pillars: 1. Innovation training, 2. Innovation strategies for companies, 3. Supporting start-ups,  4. Innovation Factory.

1. Innovation training:

As early as 2007, Spirit Design and Next Level Consulting developed and carried out a 15-day training course on the management of innovation processes with the participation, among others, of representatives of AVL, Trumpf, pewag, Colop and Getzner. We also offer in-house training at companies and organisations such as Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria, Bene and other well-known firms. Since 2015 we have successfully offered a course at Wifi Management Forum: Mit Design Thinking zur Innovationsstrategie.

2. Innovation strategies for companies:

To successfully implement innovation in a company, all three dimensions - strategy, culture and organisation - have to be considered and worked on. This strategy development needs to be the responsibility of the top management in order to clearly define a direction and guidelines for future fields of innovation within the company. In addition, a corporate culture has to be established that draws on the employees’ potential and their ideas, but is also open to external inputs: we call this Open Innovation. Not least, innovation processes have to be organised in such a way that they do not produce needless red tape, but still make a structured approach towards innovation projects possible. This interplay of strategy, culture and structure allows innovations to thrive.

3. Supporting start-ups:

For quite some time now, Spirit Design has advised start-ups in their development. In addition to market-conform product and brand design, we also provide support in the search for funding opportunities and finding investors. Moreover, there are an increasing number of large companies that engage in start-up initiatives. In this respect too, Spirit Design is a sought-after partner when it comes to contributing its expertise as a mentor: such as in the Agro Innovation Lab of Raiffeisen Ware Austria, whose four selected start-ups were greatly inspired by our in-house workshops.

4. Innovation Factory:

Thanks to our comprehensive market know-how, Spirit Design has repeatedly identified market niches and develops its own innovations. In most cases, it all starts out with research projects, often also in cooperation with partners. The results and concepts are then taken to the next level and launched as start-ups. The first successful launch was the company MO.Point, an innovative provider for smart urban mobility.

Another innovation project is the e-cargo bike carr-e, for which we, as one of six Austrian companies, obtained EU-SME funding for its further development.

Our largest project is called "Atmove", which operates in the field conversion of biogas to biomethane for utilization as fuel for vehicles. We are carrying out this project together with the operator of the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant, Itaipu, and our local partner CI-Biogas. One core element of this project is our labour and transport vehicle "CH4PA", the first agricultural vehicle which runs to 100% on biomethane. Our first prototype has just arrived in Brazil.

The goal of all our projects is to create innovative and sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.