Crystal clear success


We have acted as consultants for LiSEC, global market leader in sheet glass processing, on issues relating to innovation, product design and branding, working with them to develop and realise a fascinating new brand identity suited at all levels to the company motto "best in glass processing". The integrated, future-oriented company performance was rewarded with third place at the German Brand Award 2017!

Product design for LiSEC

LiSEC is the global market leader in the field of sheet glass processing. This status should be instantly recognisable for every single machine through a future-oriented product language. Spirit Design has created and formulated in detail an Integrated Design Language (IDL) based on LiSEC's market values, which will guarantee a coherent presence for the brand and its products. The IDL serves to differentiate the products from those of market competitors, and furthermore to make them easily recognisable. This is particularly important for a company which unites diverse products, services and solutions in a single brand. The newly developed product language was adapted to the existing corporate design; this meant that a visible connection could be created between the product design and business design, transferring the value "best in glass processing" unambiguously across all LiSEC products.


Spirit Design developed an outwardly subtle design, following a functional and minimalist form principle. The innovative, precise and performant technology for the capital goods is perfectly conveyed through a purist and functional appearance. With the right design, all elements (machines, detailed solutions, component implementation, as well as colouring and brand positioning) can contribute to establishing the market presence, whether through the language of form such as shape and order, or through materials and surfaces. Product branding with the logo, product name and slogan, and the LiSEC Powerline (a striking, identifying LED lightstrip) are of course also a part of this. The overall appearance of the machines – as well as the construction elements and, equally, the industrial design of the panelling – follows the three fundamental principles:
– Perfectly engineered (technical quality is an absolute priority)
– Purism (reduced to the essentials)
– Design2Cost (cost-efficient)

On the lines, the individual machines are identifiable through a bright, friendly appearance. Characteristic recesses above and below make them look compact despite their size. Complex forms have been avoided, with simple geometries used instead that could later be adapted. A soft, ergonomic shape leads to more pleasant, user-friendly handling, while at the same time reducing the risk of injury. By separating out common components, as many flat panel sections were created as possible, making both production and exchange of damaged panels easier. This segmenting also ensures more flexible maintenance, as well as simplifying transport with space-saving panels. The linear yet dynamic design language is very recognisable and helps with orientation, in that it indicates the work direction based on the colour distribution. The complete appearance radiates robustness, longevity and reliability. At glasstec 2016, the international trade fair for glass manufacture and processing, LiSEC presented the new design to the public.