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Science2Society – Creating Future Now


Being a strategic innovation and design firm, it is a great pleasure for Spirit Design to be part of yet another pioneering concept: Science2Society. The vision of the Horizon 2020 project is to generate the highest possible advantage from academic research for the benefit of society. Science2Society aims at assessing mechanisms through which universities, research organisations, society and industry work together and additional values such as brilliant new ideas and solutions for current social challenges are being created.

The mission

The mission is to increase the efficiency of Europe’s approach to transforming the results of academic research into a benefit for society. Up until now, no system has existed in which universities could communicate with the economy. This is what needs to change. Throughout Europe, Science2Society will join an intense exchange with over 50 universities and research institutes, over 30 large corporations and over 100 SMEs. The project unites a consortium of 18 partners from seven European countries, consisting of practitioners as well as methodical and systems experts.

Our contribution

Putting an emphasis on meaningful and future-oriented work, it is our desire at Spirit Design to pass on our knowledge of the development and implementation of Innovation in cooperation with universities and research institutes. Since we have been working with our unique “design of vision” approach for a long time, we can apply our experience in the field of innovation processes and accompany the project and all its partners during process creation, implementation as well as the evaluation of its pilot projects. Moreover, our consulting and design team will assume responsibility for the visual appearance of the entire project identity and communication in order to ensure a positive brand presence and recognition value.

We are looking forward to collaborating with numerous international partners and are excited to contribute to the valuable passing on of knowledge and experience for a better future!

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