Integrated Design that creates value

LiSEC – Pioneers of the Industry


Design & industry are seemingly unrelated. Spirit Design and LiSEC, global leader in the production of glass processing machines, prove that a cooperation of the two sectors does not only look good but has a lot more in store ...

Being the global leader in flat glass processing machines, the company LiSEC, founded in 1961, has made a name for itself long since. Even more in the future, the challenge will be to further expand the technological leadership of the company and to think in a goal-oriented manner. For this reason, LiSEC asked Spirit Design to redesign the outward appearance as well as the ergonomics of their machine line in accordance with their motto, “best in glass processing”. The clear, straight line and reduced form language deliberately steps into the background and therefore masterfully supports the brand and product message as well as the functionalities of the machines.

The goal has been to live up to the company motto in every possible way and to provide the customer with cutting edge performance i.e. best in service, best in innovation and also best in design. Great potential lies in the strategic as well as aesthetic design of industrial machines, though this aspect is often neglected or even feared by the machine building industry. LiSEC took that leap of faith in order to set a new benchmark, to expand their market position as well as to increase their competitiveness.

The cooperation of LiSEC and Spirit Design clearly demonstrates that design not only looks good but also creates value. Our project which was based on an extraordinarily good collaboration can be seen at the renowned glasstec Trade Fair in Düsseldorf from September 21-23, 2016, and subsequently also in the Glass Forum of the LiSEC glass processing factory in Hausmening.

For those who can’t wait, here is an exclusive sneak peak from Spirit Design: