Sought-After Speaker

Daniel Huber at prominent conferences


Spirit Design Managing Director Daniel Huber held an expert presentation at both the European Rail Summit held in Vienna and the Railway Interiors Expo in Prague in November 2015. We used both forums as a platform to exchange views with the market leaders. In particular in Prague, we held interesting talks with representatives of other mobility sectors, which is a good omen for the future of rail mobility and a clear signal for different types of transport to move more closely together.

For the railway sector, which traditionally considers itself to be conservative, the right strategy is particularly crucial for the realization and success of innovation processes. Our holistic approach met with an enthusiastic reception. We view railways not only as a means of transport to be considered on its own, but analyze it as a functional whole within the context of the modal split, and include other sectors and trends in our evaluation. Similar to all our other projects, the focus of this way of viewing things is the user, namely the mobile human being and his desire to reach his destination as pleasantly and efficiently as possible.

In his lectures, Daniel Huber devoted his attention to the issue of innovation in passenger traffic, underlining the importance of a user-oriented service offering with attractive brand experiences. From his point of view, the top priority is to make the environmentally-friendly railway network extremely attractive as efficient means of transporting people. In this way railways will become more competitive compared to private transport by car, which is popular but not sustainable, and also vis a vis travelling by airplane. As a result, we can get more people to switch to using trains.

Both events attracted prominent guests. The approach of Spirit Design aroused considerable interest, both among the renowned speakers as well as the participating industry experts.

Image rights: Business Circle, event organizer of the 11th European Rail Summit